Film Archive


"Drift" Inspired by the Jurassic Coast line, ‘Drift’ is an exploration and celebration of dance that looks at the relationship between the movement and the characteristics of the sea.

The choreography was created with the Dorset based dance group ‘Movers and Shakers’


"Without Wings" observes a group of young people, displaced by war, who imagine themselves free to move without borders and without pain. Almost ghostly in their appearance, they could be from any story in history that parallels today’s reality. 

Created for Motionhouse Youth as part of a week long residency working with a filmmaker.


"Scattered" (Motionhouse) Created in 2009.


"Lichen" is an experimental dance film, choreographed by Abby Warrilow and directed by established directing team "Cagoule". The film was produced during a residency at Dance Base, Edinburgh. Abby and Lewis (AKA Cagoule) collaborated with dancers Claire Benson and Jenna Oxley, animator Selina Wagner, make up artist Mary Anderson and photographer Dan Tucker to produce this lucid, enchanting and haunting film. The film is another truly magical example of Cagoule's unique choreographic style.


"Motionhouse Youth" A short film showcasing the company that I established in 2012.


"Captive" (Motionhouse) footage from my final performance before maternity leave. I was 19 weeks pregnant.